Mandee Johnson is a Photographer + Producer living in Los Angeles.

Mandee has 10+ years of experience shooting and producing photography for national campaigns, editorial work and personal projects. She's a multifaceted photographer with a grounded documentary style. 

She travels often for weddings, photography, comedy and fun. To say she loves what she does would be an understatement.

some past clients include: 
hbo, spotify, schlitz brewing, old milwaukee, showtime, coke zero, audible, comedy central, funny or die, fast company, caviar content, aspecialthing records...

In addition to her photo work, Mandee is the Co-Founder and Executive Producer at CleftClips, a comedy-oriented production company behind popular live shows such as The Super Serious Show and Hot Tub With Kurt & Kristen. With CleftClips, Mandee is an acclaimed producer of elevated live comedy events and digital media. She is one of the most respected producers working in comedy today.  Extending her comedy ways, Mandee Johnson is the photographer behind the popular Super Serious Show comedian portrait series and the photographer for numerous comedy albums. 

CleftClips has collaborated on projects with a variety of popular brands and entertainment companies such as Funny Or Die, Wired Magazine, LG, Marriott, SoundCloud, Facebook, Comedy Central, Turner, Universal, Warner Bros, Team Coco, Los Angeles Film Festival, Caviar Content, X-Box, Bushmills, Old Milwaukee and AquaHydrate.


kind words...

I am in HEAVEN. Oh Mandee, these are so beautiful. I can never thank you enough.  -- Bette & Brian

OMG I FEEL LIKE I AM RELIVING THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE LOOKING AT THESE!!!! Mandee - you guys truly captured the essence of our wedding, I can't thank you enough! you're the best!!!! These are like beyond. THANK YOU!!!!!! -- Nicole & Al

I can't tell you how over the moon Crystal and I are for these photos.  You did such an AMAZING job.  Can't thank you enough. -- Crystal & Sean

We love these. Thank you so much. All the captured moments beautifully composed. Really awesome way to relive the day- we were able to share in person with both of our families on Christmas so thank you so much for making it happen before the holiday!! -- Caitlin & Jason

These pictures are INSANE. thank you so so so so so so so so so so so much. If you ever need to put prospective clients in touch with happy customers, have them talk to us!!!!!!! We are in love with your work here.
-- Hillary & Joey

We laughed, we cried, we thanked our lucky stars that we had such a talented photographer that put so much love and care into our special day. Thanks a million times over, Mandee. These we perfect. We love them! -- Val & Chris

I teared up at work. So amazing. So so perfect. That was exactly how I remember the day, but through an even prettier lens. -- Grace & Michael

The photos are amazing!! We're still looking through all of them, but we're so happy with them! -- Joann & Tao

Oh my god Mandee these are INCREDIBLE!!! Seriously we just went through them and there's so many gems. -- Grace & Barry

Thank you, Mandee!! These are phenomenal! We're enamored! -- Sami & Lance

Mandee was great to work with! She's quick and knows how to capture the client she's working with. Tell her what you're looking for and she will make it happen. I've loved all of my photo sessions with her, not only is she a talented photographer, she's also an amazing woman.  --- Jordan Scovel

These are amazing! We loved looking through the gallery and reliving our wedding. They are so gorgeous and we can't wait to show our families. Thank you so much for truly capturing the spirit of our wedding!
 -- Rachel & Scott

Mandee has such an amazing eye, she made me look handsome, which is no mean feat! She transformed a dirty alley into a beautiful memory we can always hold. Mandee is incredible. I can't recommend her enough! Fun, vivacious and fiercely talented.  --- Sam Simmons

After eloping to Vegas, and only a few iphone snaps to show for it, Sam and I really wanted a more considered photographic record of of our wedding. We asked Mandee if she could help recreate the spirit of the day for us and we're so glad we did! We instantly felt comfortable around Mandee! I'm someone who feels particularly awkward being in front of the camera and the actual experience of taking the pictures couldn't have been better for me. She made me feel completely at ease and knew exactly what would work to create an amazing result. Having a naturalistic feel to the photographs was particularly important to me and she was able to execute that brief totally. We now have wedding photos are candid and beautiful...they capture this special time in our lives perfectly!  --- Roslyn Durnford

We had Mandee do a photoshoot with us and our 3-month old son. Of course, the results were great and everyone loves the end result, but the part that stands out for us is actual photo session. She showed up, bubbly and sparkling as usual, and just hung out. I don't recall being asked to pose or hold an expression. She just clicked away very discretely and our son was totally loving her presence.  Based on this experience, Mandee's become our family's unofficial official photographer. She's secured herself a guaranteed spot at every life event and, more importantly, a long-lasting friendship.  --- Pramit Nairi